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The Others - Stan Bowles
Stan Bowles - The Others.

Okay, the jury's still out concerning this ramshackle lot. Live The Others are exciting, on record they are awkward and flat. Please allow me to elucidate. On stage frontman Dominic Masters (I won't mention the recent slimy NME interview or the, alleged, Crack habit) is the business, he prowls, wails, leaps, freaks out, charms and basically does what the hell he pleases. It is a pleasure to be in the same room as him. On record we get none of this, Masters' voice is idiosyncratic and plain annoying at times. But don't misconstrue me, Stan Bowles moves in a bass-driven British way. Bassist Johnny Others probably could be the bands hero, the man can play, he knows his history and he can fill a room with his hair alone (maybe himself and Miss Wainwright should acquaint themselves - Ed). The song? Well it uses the topsy-turvy mercurial life of QPR and Carlisle legend Stan Bowles as a (not too subtle) analogy for Pete Doherty's similarly tainted genius (yawn). Lyrically plain, but still bouncing with snarling energy. This is their second single to date and we still await a make or break album. Go and see The Others live, maybe buy the record, before it all comes crumbling down...Because that's what happens with these type of bands, isn't it?

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